WATCH THIS! trailer for the stunning new Laurel and Hardy biopic
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Laurel and Hardy were the greatest comedy duo of all time.

In a series of brilliant films that stand the test of time, they defined modern comedy. Funny as fuck, brilliantly conceived and a gentle prodding at the confusion of the then modern world with Stan and Ollie as the confused innocents in slapstick mayhem but with so much genius depth that makes them timeless.

Perhaps the coolest bit is that Stan grew up in Ulverston in what was then Lancashire – one of ours and a comedy genius who wrote the scripts and co-starred with Ollie in comic gems that still make you laugh.

They have been part of my life since I was 4 years old and I clearly remember laughing to their genius back in 1964 when Stan was in his last year of life – it’s a romantic thought that my young laughter was cackling when he was still here.

This new film directed by Ross Owen and Starring Steve Coogan as Stan and John C Reilly as Olie is stunning and perfectly captures their genius, the period and them as people – the acting looks totally immersed and this could be a film of the year.


It captures their complex personalities and the period and is lovingly crafted and created and a timely reminder of the genius of the pair and a must-see film of the year…


The trailer is here

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