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[Intro: Northside Shawty]
Once you’ve found the right doctor
And have told him or her about your pain
Don’t, don’t be afraid to take what they give you
Often, it will be an opioid medication
Some patients may be afraid of taking opioids
Because they’re percieved as too strong or addictive
But that is far from actual fact
Less than one percent of patients taking opioids
Actually become addicted

Talk my shit (North, North, North)
Slicky, Cutthroat (North, North, North)
(North) Ayy

[Verse 1: Northside Shawty]
Death addict, my mathematics you can’t add up
So tragic, my baggage comes with no back-up
Breakin’ patterns; like splittin’ atoms, it ain’t happenin’
Cycles spin, psychosis wins, the world spins
On my motherfuckin’ dick likе a whirlwind
Devilish sins, devilish grins, got motherfuckеrs like
“Here we go again, this motherfucker Scrim
Can never stop for nada (No), too toxic
Send his ass off to the doctor
Between the Xanny and Suboxones, lost cause, lost hope
He a throw-away-way, way too deep
In this hole where he lay-lay-lay,” lay me down to sleep
Northside Shawty ride curb on creep
Northside Shawty don’t pray where he eat
But ayy (Ayy), soon, we’ll see
A Soulja by the lake buried six feet deep
Less stress on me, more profit for thee
Middle finger pokin’ out for everyone to come and see
Yes, during an Instagram live Ruby freestyled over the instrumental. That freestyle is now incorporated into his lyrics.i love this one flow-wise, insanely good from both of themlove this beatfav of the album no capthis song is a continuation from their 2016 song, uglier. before uglier back in 2015, the duo made a song called ugly.2015: ugly
2016: uglier
2021: ugliestThe opening line to $crim’s verse appears to also be inspired by Ruby’s livestream freestyle, in which he too also incorporated most of his verse into, after Ruby is finished he then says “mathematics you can’t add up” which has since been adopted by $crim.

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