The Battery Farm / Def Robot / Leon The Pig Farmer: The Salty Dog, Northwich – live review
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  • Post published:20/08/2021
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Battery Farm

The Battery Farm | Def Robot | Leon The Pig Farmer

The Salty Dog, Northwich – Friday 13th August

Who says Friday The 13th is unlucky then? Fuck off! Tonight sees the cream of three Louder Than War favourites in a grass roots venue that’s turning into one of THE places to hit when you’re on tour. The Battery Farm are blazing a trail of destruction wherever they land. Def Robot dare to grace the stage with their debut gig after only releasing thirteen albums in two years, the lazy bastards. Leon The Pig Farmer is quickly becoming our generations John Cooper Clarke with ease. Wayne AF Carey takes over The Dog for one night only…

What is it with the M6 and junction 20 – 18? It’s an accident nightmare. Surely one day the bellends who drive like idiots will learn their lesson? It took me an hour to drive from Wythenshawe to Northwich, a journey that normally takes me twenty minutes. Then I thought, SHIT. Def Robot are travelling from Kendal. They turn up late which is no surprise so don’t get a soundcheck yet they deliver. More of that later…


Leon The Pig Farmer as I’ve said is this generations John Cooper Clarke. A down to earth humble guy from Mossley that can tell you a story or hundred. He does a thundering fifteen minute set of funny and stark tales of his ups and downs and true life observations that keep you captivated. Anyone at the Concert For John gig at The Ritz will tell you what a talent this guy is. Good friends of the excellent Cabbage and a guy with wisdom beyond his years. He really knows how to whip up a crowd and he delivers with no prompts. It’s all up there. He also delivers another cracking set of wisdom in between Def Robot and The Battery Farm that is just as sweet with immaculate delivery. Venues will be begging him to host gigs for years to come. No bullshit from this guy, just a genuine passion for the spoken word that he delivers like a master. The total opposite of any male poet around at the moment…

Def Robot

For those who don’t know Def Robot you will soon. I’m honoured to host their debut gig in Northwich. The town where Paul launched his career with Kerosene on Dead Dead Good Records back in the day when the grassroots music was really healthy and inspiring like it is now, with some sprawling talent fucking up the scene once again. Soundcheck? Fuck that off! The late arrival stresses the fuck out of him and he vents his anger in between tunes like a grumpy old bastard. Mark E Smith anyone? The set is amazing with ten tunes of anthemic indie punk that’s displayed in all its glory. I’m slightly disappointed they don’t air I Am The Weapon which is the Def Robot Bond theme and I’m gonna twat the M6 if it spills my pint for delaying the Taylor. He makes up for it with a tight performance from a band that are going to rip up the venues after this skilful debut. He’s picked the right musicians for the job as they tramp through a brilliant set including TV Lies which hits the spot, a cracking anthemic Significance and a wham bam triple dose of Gordon From Gordon, Ferman Saved My Life and Boris Johnson’s Holiday. The banter in between songs is funny as fuck and it’s like he’s letting out some pent up anger on Covid for denying them the original gig I set up on the 20th March 2020. The thing with Def Robot is they cross every genre of music going and can only build on this excellent debut. Plunder and pillage is what Taylor and Hancox do yet splice it into their own world of Def Robot. Claim their stake? Fuckin’ dead right. This is the jump up the ladder they need and to see them actually play live is a fuckin’ pleasure. Welcome onboard the live music ship of happiness…


I’ve been following The Battery Farm from their early days and they’ve totally hit my senses with their take on punk/grunge (Prunge) which is flecked with something original I just can’t describe. It’s nice to see Horsemeat have turned up to watch as they were originally on the bill and would have been a nice fit but unfortunately had a band member missing. I will HAVE THEM ON!!! The Battery Farm are fellow Northern Mancs that are totally committed to the cause of fuckin’ slamming tunes. Does anyone remember Bad Manners? Of course you do! Ben Corry is a strike of lightning on the scene, a boom of thunder, a fuckin’ holocaust of a rainstorm with a hint of the legend Buster Bloodvessel. His tongue comes out, he looks like a maniac, he has a voice that can be sweet at one moment then totally ramps up with a screaming rasping assault that sends shivers up your spine. As for guitarist bro Dom, WHAT THE FUCK? Who gets away with wearing a fuckin’ Neil Sedaka T-Shirt and a teddy bear adorned cardigan? HIM! Anyone who’s seen The Libertines live will be a witness to the bond between two musicians who just have it. They’re like a fuckin’ bomb and are in the crowd more than on the stage. Ben confronts the crowd like an angry bear and Dom is on the floor playing on his back like an animal. They air all the early tunes and rip through an amazing Ninety Seven Ninety One, Poet Boy and a raucous Maggot Line. When The Whip Goes Crack sounds fuckin’ out of this world and I swear the crowd are gobsmacked by this insane band of gutter punks that are just ripping it up. They air a few new tunes such as Never Been To Gorton and the searing Roy Keane Isn’t Real which blows up like fuck! A sharp abrasive punk number that shatters the walls with a magic bassline, thundering drums and punk as fuck earth splitting guitar with angry as fuck vocals. A total headfuck if I’ve ever heard one. To top it all off Ben goes all maudlin with the last track which is just beautiful and totally stuns everyone. Going from a full on punk assault to a piece of music called We’re At The Top which is a crooner that thrills the senses. The best punk band I’ve seen for years, seriously. A headline at Rebellion is on the cards if they can pull this off again. They’re leaving a trail of headfucking sound at every venue they hit. The total opposite of any MALE band around at the moment…

Photos courtesy of Hels Millington and Paul Evans

Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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