The Bands That Punk Forgot & a tribute to Yeti (Gosport punk)

YetiRob Stainer aka Yeti    20/3/1964  – 24/11/2021

By his own description, Yeti was the Self-confessed Peter Pan of Punk, Big ‘n’ Clever Drunk – and Twelve Times Winner of Pompey’s Loveable Cunt of the Year Show.  He died in November and here Ged Babey invites his contemporaries to pay tribute and keeps a promise he made a few years back. 

Well-known in the Gosport and Portsmouth punk scene as well as the Traveller community, Yeti was one of ‘natures anarchists’, born to be a punk. A character, a nutter, but a hilarious, kind, warm, loyal friend to many punks and misfits.

He existed on a diet of Special Brew for as long as many of us can remember but once you’d met him, you didn’t forget him. A fixture at local gigs he was ‘Always there, always pissed and will always be remembered’ (Pinky).

On Facebook he set up a popular Sunday Punk Club – crap jokes, typically Yeti memes and a YouTube track by an obscure punk band.  He started sending me recommendations in 2017: Yeti wrote how he spoke, using ‘me’ as his pronoun…

Methinks you should do a LTW article on the Bands That Punk Forgot Ged…. with input from Yeti (in brackets). Would make me laff 😀 x

I promised him I would  – which meant going through a years worth of tips and compile something…. only I never got around to it. Now he’s left the building I have to get it done – people like Yeti, you just assume are gonna be around forever… the Last Punk Standing.  Sadly it wasn’t to be.

I remember decades back seeing him perennially getting thrown out of gigs at ‘proper’ venues, for his sheer exuberance and disarray, so it was no surprise that he found the freedom to be himself among the traveller/festival circle.

Reading through the numerous tributes on his Facebook page two phrases kept cropping up:  True Punk and Real Gent – or variations of the two…

What a pleasure it was to have known you mate. Always, genuine, kind, generous and funny. You introduced me to tunes and bands I’d never heard of. (Lisa Vallance)

In a world full of idiots he really was a cut above most people. It was one of life’s pleasures to pop over and see him every couple of weeks if I was in the area, and it’s hard to imagine a more kind, genuine bloke. Punk till the end, an absolute true gent and the world really truly has lost a top bloke. Will miss you mate, as will everyone lucky enough to have met you.  (Marcus Campbell) absolute gent, a great worker and even better bloke, throughout the last 6 years you’ve been a great laugh, with your random stories on punk life, living on buses, roundabouts and who knows where else…. You were a legend in Gosport and a recognisable figure anywhere you went, you’ll be dearly missed by your large group of friends, family and fellow colleagues. Sleep well big man  (Mike Jury. Yeti’s boss

These are just a few of many similar tributes… more came in by email.

When I sorted out clothes I no longer needed over the years, punk stuff,  I’d give bits to certain people, and Yeti was the main one I’d give stuff to: Pistols t shirts, a tartan suit, jumpers… no money ever changed hands, it was enough just to see the great, big massive smile on his face and his reaction, like a kid at Christmas.  Gonna miss the man. Up the punks. (Vinnie Strevens)

I wish I had known him for longer and I wish I had known him better. He loved our dog Sidney. He finally met him in the flesh earlier this year. Came in for a cuddle and left with some anti-Tory stickers. His knowledge of music was incredible and I looked forward to his Sinday Punk Club posts as there was always something I’d never heard before.  I loved that he had a lot of female friends. That’s always a positive in a world which sometimes seems to be full of predatory men. He was a really charming man who made an impact on me and many others. (Sam Dines)

A friend from the Free Festivals community Ricky O’Shea sent me this heartfelt account of the man.


There he was walking down the street, spiked up hair, thin moustache, high rise collar on his button down shirt, ‘Only anarchists are pretty’ sprayed on the side, and of course the Italian fedora. Sparkle in his eye, and always talking trash. We loved potato waffles, sat by the fire just talking…

Pompey punks Pompey F.C. humility? Good trait. Preferred crumble to humble.. rhubarb preferably but Apple is OK. Oh yeah, do you remember the FA cup quarter final classic 2008 Pompey v Manure. Baa baa crack sheep have you any rock, yes sir yes sir in my sock. Jolly fucker. You can only drink red wine in a glass he’d smile.

Right before me, from nowhere he’d pull out a pair of x-ray spex, put ’em on, say he can’t see through them, take them in his stiff little fingers and throw them in the fire. Then from somewhere we’d have sticks in our hands roasting marshmallows talking about Patti Smith’s Horses.

Punk rock made us feel alive, fuck me we hated Bon Jovi. Then we’d sing The Scabs ‘Leave Me Alone’ (Yetis favourite he’d say) ‘Can’t you see I just wanna be me /  just leave me alone fuck off home’. Then with a tip of his fedora and playful grace he’d stand up and say ‘Up The Punks, I’m going to sleep’.

Yeti was a perfect friend, courteous, and brave.
I’ll always remember him xx     (Ricky O’Shea)

Yetsters ‘punk queen’ and soulmate Min is heartbroken and trying to organise an appropriate farewell.  Details are HERE  and funds have almost doubled the original modest target.   She is hugely grateful to everyone and ‘plans to scatter Yetman’s ashes at Stonehenge so he can celebrate every future Solstice’ there. I am sure we all send her our love…

Farewell and Thanks Yeti. Gonna Miss You. You were spesh. One in a million.  You were loved.  Up the punks. xx (ged)

It is hoped that Yeti’s ashes can be scattered at the Winter Solstice at Stonehenge (Tuesday 21 Dec) – check the updates here for details 

The Gathering to remember Yeti is on Sat 5 Feb 2022 at the Clarence Tavern, Gosport -Event page here 


The Bands That Punk Forgot …. according to Yeti.  (Part 1)

Here are twelve of the best rarest, obscurest punk gems that Rob chose …. everyone a classic, every one completely different to the last.  D-I-Y bedroom bands, crusty raver festival bands, hardcore and electronic post-punk – every kind of punk rock imaginable from 1977 up to today.  That’s why I loved the man – he had great taste and passion for the music which inspired him…   His comments are as he wrote them…. emoji’s and all. Sorry it took me til now to get around to it Yeti…. x

Bathroom Renovations – Apathetic Hell (1980)

tis (A)pathy nOt (A)narchy in darkest pompey Ged😉 loosely gettin an obscure punk list together n methinks this should be side1 track1 scribin mucker😉

Cosmic Psychos – Fuckwit City (2018)

that’s where me came from 💩
that’s where me is 🍺
that’s where me goin 🍄
on up n away
yeti ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

Mary Monday & The Bitches – Popgun (1977)

for forty years me has ADORED this, the guitar break on 59 secs onwards gets my arse outta bed most days, for me THE greatest punk guitar break, wot u think?!😭

Thought Criminals – Fun (1978)

Gigs soon hopefully before we fuckin explode💥 X 🙃”; said Yeti when he sent me this during the first lockdown.

X Deamysts – Dance Away Lover (1978)

Northern Ireland heavy rock band who fancied the idea of being a punk band… (Yeti) that fuckin geeetar❤️❤️❤️

Tuxedomoon – No Tears (1978)

always loved this, its just so dark n stark, for those ‘other moods’ like classic joy division

Thin Yoghurts – Drink problem (1980)

B-side to the only record this obscure Cumbria band ever made and released on the Lowther Street Runner label in 1980  … iMMENSE an’ a bit close too😮

D.O.A. – Let’s Fuck (1982)

for canadians who hate Rush

Antidote – Life As One (1983)

adored this bunch live in late 80’s, different, relevant, refreshin🥃🎸🥃

Screaming Sneakers – Violent Days (1982)

THE BEST ME HAS HEARD FROM IN A LONG WHILE me n min dance drunkenly to it in her kitchen😉

The Ex – Moving Pictures

methinks THE two greatest moments in anarcho punk that stemmed from all things crAss n crAss records were, zounds curse of zounds n this forgotten squat classic, methinks the ex were ahead of the game, so many tracks that could’ve been released last thorsday! ave a listen me muso chum…… much love, yetster X(A)X

2000 Dirty Squatters – Double Your Money Or Take The Mystery Prize

were the original traveller punk royalty n spawned CrowZone n the Spiral Tribe thing too, like Hawkwind n Crass before them one of England’s truly subversive bands 🖤 their gigs (went to many) were rather legendary, Dan said he met the guy out of Jesus Jones the other day in Manchester n was told the most memorable gig they EVER did was wiv 2,000 D.S. as support cos us unwashed lovelylot (the crow posse) arrived en masse n freaked the Jones followers out with our (and i quote their singer) sheer fuckin anarchy 😁 a forgotten largely not known slice of subculture SHENANiGANS.  methinks they still sound fresh, relevant (more so today) n bangin, give it a spin



It is hoped that Yeti’s ashes can be scattered at the Winter Solstice at Stonehenge (Tuesday 21 Dec) – check the updates here for details 

The Gathering to remember Yeti is on Sat 5 Feb 2022 at the Clarence Tavern, Gosport -Event page here 


Compiled by Ged Babey with invaluable help from Yeti and his friends 

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