Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster team up for new levels of greed
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  • Post published:12/05/2021
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IMG_0179Of course the music biz has always been a place of snake oil and tricksters stooping as low as they can to take you every last penny.

That is the nature of the beast.

Who ever is running the Taylor Swift brand has decided to stoop even lower than usual with a hook up with Ticketmaster that will see parents gasping in horror as the young fans are being literally fleeced.
The pop singer and Ticketmaster were partnering on something called “Taylor Swift Tix powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan,” a service that claims to help get tickets in the hands of fans instead of bots or scalpers—if fans are willing to help promote Swift and purchase things from her.

This sounds pretty innocent but its mouth-wateringly expensive…

After fans pre-order the CD to get it on day of release they will have to pay an extra fifty dollars to UPS (One of the tour sponsors) to make sure it get there on time, if they buy the album they get more chance of getting concert tickets.

In a system that seems geared towards hooking into the obsessive teenage mind fans are encouraged to buy the album several times or to hammer its message out across social media to earn points to give you the chance to buy a ticket to see her live. It’s like volunteer slavery! Utilising a system that was put in place to stop ticket touts the management has come up with a shame where the singer is the queen tout and you get charged to stand in the queue for the ticket and don’t even get the ticket!

Fans get to feel their loyalty with a’progress bar’ that encourages multiple purchases of the album or other schemes as the singer soars to number one int eh corporate greed charts with her money grubbing corporate backing band rubbing their Scrooge like hands with glee…

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