Still With You
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[정국 Still With You 가사]

날 스치는 그대의 옅은 그 목소리
내 이름을 한 번만 더 불러주세요
얼어버린 노을 아래 멈춰 서있지만
그대 향해 한 걸음씩 걸어갈래요
Still with you

[Verse 1]
어두운 밤 조명 하나 없이
익숙해지면 안 되는데
그게 또 익숙해
나지막이 들리는
이 에어컨 소리
이거라도 없으면
나 정말 무너질 것 같아

[Pre Chorus 1]
함께 웃고 함께 울고
이 단순한 감정들이
내겐 전부였나 봐
다시 그댈 마주한다면?
눈을 보고 말할래요
보고 싶었어요
I was thinking to make a song that shows my feelings to ARMYs sincerely. One day I was alone in my dark room and I came up with it, so I run and worked on the rest of the melody and lyrics at my studio, then I’ve sent it to [our producer] Pdogg.On May 28, 2020, in the timeline to Festa (the BTS ‘anniversary celebration on the occasion of the band’s debut date), BigHit announced “Still With You” to be released on June 4 (June 5 KST). However, it was not known exactly what “Still With You” should be.Actually yes. In “Still With You” Jungkook talks casually when he talks to himself, but when talking to the listener he’s using formal language.Korean language has seven different levels of speech, six formals and one informal, that showing the different levels of respect or politeness towards receiver. Formal language is used when addressing someone higher in status or older, as well as the status of relationship.Thanks to such stylistic treatment, Jungkook shows how much he respects and cares about the recipients of his song—ARMY (fans), for whom the song is dedicated to.Jungkook and the rest of BTS never seize to amaze me, this song is SOOOOO good 💜😲💜 The song that I would like to listen especially when its raining 💜Released as a part of the BTS’ anniversary celebration known as Festa, over a jazzy R&B instrumental, the song reminisces missing someone and believing in being together.The Soundcloud link of the song has the words ‘thankyouarmy2020’ in it, what indicates that the song is for and about ARMY (BTS fans).“Still With You” is Jung Kook’s first official solo release.[EN]When will it be?
When I face you again?These lines ask a question Jungkook’s spoken about before in BTS’ docu-series Burn the Stage. In the series, clips of him almost passing out due to overexhaustion in a high altitude location are shown. When asked why he pushed himself to his limit he expressed:I wasn’t in good shape when the show started. My body knew it and I knew it. But I sang with only this one thought in my mind: that I won’t be able to see them again for a long time.When performing, Jungkook often reflects on how each concert may be the first or last time he sees some of his fans, and so he always tries to give his all. In “Still With You” he asks when he will be able to see his fans again, a hopeful question despite the probability of never being able to truly go back in time and see each and every face of a certain crowd again.[EN]That moon looks lonely
Feels like it’s crying in the bright night skyThe verse references “Moon” by Jin, which is also a track dedicated to their fanbase—ARMY—where he calls himself the Moon and ARMY as the Earth:You are my Earth
I’m just a moon to you
Your little star that lights up your heart
You are my Earth
And all I see is you
The only thing I can do is to gaze at you like thisBTS has previously expressed the role of ARMY on their Japanese 2019 single “Lights,” where they indicate that they are incomplete without their fans:You’re my light, you’re my light
Always shine into my heart[EN]Even though I knew it was going to be morning one day
I wanted to stay in your sky like a starThis line shares Jung Kook’s longing to be part of everyone who looks up to his life. A life is like a universe, something established in BTS’ song “Mikrokosmos”:One history in one person
One star in one person
7 billion different worlds
Shining with 7 billion lightsA universe is made up of billions of stars, similar to how the world is made up of billions of people. Here, Jung Kook simply explains how he wishes to be a singular star in other people’s sky, a small piece brightening up their dark moments. The sun rises in the morning, ceasing the visibility of stars. However, in “Still With You,” Jung Kook acknowledges that he is not always needed in other’s lives, but he hopes that people still know that they can find comfort in him if the sun ever sets again and darkness returns.[EN]I want to draw a beautiful purple“Still With You” closes with these last few lines, referencing the coined term by BTS—“I purple you”. A member of the group, V, once at a concert stated:Do you know what purple means? Purple is the last color of the rainbow. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time.Ever since he made this up, the color has become deeply embedded between BTS and their fans, ARMY, meaning a whole new level of love and caring. Here, in “Still With You”, Jung Kook connects his song with his fans, confirming the meaning of the song revolving around those who look up to him. He wants to continue building this relationship with love and trust regardless of how many conflicts that may get in the way.[EN]But I want to walk this path with youWalking the same path has been something BTS has talked about since their 2013 hidden track, “Path”:Would I have changed?
If I had chosen a different path
If I had stopped and looked back
Oh hey ya, hey ya
What will I get to see?
At the end of this road
Where you would be standingWhile in 2013, the song was about questioning whether one had chosen the correct path and whether they should’ve changed their route, “Still With You” uses a different approach on choosing one’s path. Instead of worrying about which path he has taken, Jung Kook simply explains that he only cares about walking the path with those he loves, whether it be with other members of BTS, or his fans. He does not care where he goes, he only wants to be able to continue his life with those he cares about.

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