Standon Calling 2021 – festival preview

Standon Calling 2021 – festival previewStandon Calling is on ! Keith Goldhanger is slowly beginning to get (cautiously) excited about going back out into some fields and to catch up on some of the music that has been piped through his living room over the past year and a half.

Standon Calling will be one of the first festivals to return with full capacity in nearly two years. Organisers have confirmed that its 2021 festival will be going ahead in a couple of weeks – returning to the fields of Standon Lordship between July 22nd-25th with an incredible full festival experience for all ages.

Cementing its place as the beloved festival weekend perfect for the whole family, Standon Calling 2021 is set to deliver a formidable programme of global superstars, incredible live favourites, a who’s who in the best new sounds coming from around the UK, peerless cultural entertainment and enough fun to dive into at every turn. Welcoming an eager festival audience back into the fields where countless memories are made and moments that last a lifetime unfold – Standon Calling 2021 is set to be a true love letter to the spirit and joy of festivals.

In a recent statement the organisers have said

Whilst we await formal Government guidance on Covid Safety Protocols we are ready to adapt and implement any further guidance or regulations that emerge before the festival. The lack of clear and timely guidance and the absence of Government backed insurance has been a challenge not only to ourselves but to the entire festival industry. Now is the time for Government to go beyond words of confidence and finally step forward with the long called for Government backed insurance for the festival sector.

The inclusion of Dry Cleaning and Yard Act are just two recent eyebrow raising additions to an already superb line up announced a few months ago.

Whilst we will all approach going out again to large events again with caution it’s hopefully a start too for those on the stages, behind the sound desks, behind the stages and behind the food stalls, bars etc to start getting busy again. We also plan to be there even if it means standing at the back dancing like a loon with a pint in one hand and some chips in the other (we’ll not be wearing out retro Mudhoney T-shirt this year) ….oh how we’ve missed these events …….

Here’s a Standon Calling playlist ….

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