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[Intro: Tyler, the Creator & DJ Drama]
The sun beamin’
Y’all ready?
Ayo (DJ the fuck-It’s DJ the fuck—)
It’s T, baby
I don’t think you’re ready
Wolf Haley, Bunnyhop, yo
I must say, I’m glad you found your way here

[Verse: Tyler, the Creator & DJ Drama]
Cookie crumbs in the rolls (Rolls), jet fuel scented vest (Vyoom)
Swim trunks in the trunk, Geneva water the best (The best, yeah)
The passport lookin’ thick, the afro need a pick
My skin soak up the sun, ain’t shakin’ hands with you bums (Nah)
Bunnyhopper, the new car doors, they lift open (Woo)
The lake water, dry off at the French Open (Ayy)
I rub it in these niggas’ facеs like thick lotion
That big B is in motion, uh (Gangsta Grillz)
Cool peach cobbler, dudе, spit like a llama do
Used to be reckless, you should see what them commas do
New le FLEUR* season, summertime look like private school
Keep it low, don’t want that shit to blow like Osama shoe
I’m a true connoisseur, hotel concierge
Know me as that spaced-out nigga with the chunky airs
UFC, that shit swole up, that’s VVS, keep Vic safe
That’s a mansion on that USB, it’s T
isn’t this produced by Conductor Williams? this is exact same bit as that one used by Westside Gunn in Michael IrvinConductor, we have a problem!“SIR BAUDELAIRE,” the intro to Tyler, The Creator’s seventh studio album, introduces us to Tyler Baudelaire, the character Tyler assumes on CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. Both Tyler himself and the album’s narrator, DJ Drama, refer to Tyler by the name throughout the record.In “BROWN SUGAR SALMON,” a skit released two days before the album’s full release, servers refer to him by the song’s title when asking him for his food order.The song was first teased by Tyler as the fourth voicemail on on the CMIYGL phone line on June 19, 2021. Tyler could be heard rapping the song’s whole verse without an instrumental backing.This album introduction track helps reveal this new wealthy, travel-loving persona adopted by Tyler: Sir Baudelaire.The French Open is one of the four major tournaments on the professional men’s ATP and women’s WTA tours. The event is held annually at Roland Garros in late May. The event is entirely held on clay tennis courts, the only major event on the tour to do so.While on his trip to France in June 2019, Tyler went to the final of the Men’s Singles tournament in the French Open. In the match, Spaniard Rafael Nadal beat Austrian Dominic Thiem in four sets.According to, llamas may spit to fend off aggressors, keep others away from their food, or (in the case of females) to reject a male’s advances. If spitting is not enough, llamas make like Tyler in the “Yonkers” video and projectile vomit, sometimes up to 10 feet. They have not been known to spit at humans.GOLF le FLEUR* is a collaborative-heavy spinoff of Tyler’s apparel brand GOLF WANG. It is most well-known for its ongoing collaboration with sneaker mainstay Converse. The duo have produced a number of collections including a number of takes on different classic Converse models and even original silhouettes like the Gianno.The brand also prominently produced a collection with French fashion brand Lacoste, creating a “preppy” line of clothing including a varsity jacket, cardigan, and tennis outfits. Tyler says that the clothing he produces makes those who wear it appear as if they attend private school, due to the “preppy” aesthetic that he has moved his fashion designing towards.Hotel concierges help guests with mundane, travel-related tasks, like making reservations and arranging tours. In his new, cosmopolitan persona, Tyler uses the services of many a concierge.While not a direct reference, Tyler’s invocation of hotel concierges also calls to mind his bellhop outfit at the 2020 Grammy Awards.Despite his newfound affinity for air travel, Tyler has not given up his love for bikes. He is seen on a bike for the alternate cover of his April 2013 album WOLF, and mentions them on the tracks “Tamale,” “Cowboy,” and “Slater,” the latter of which was even named after one of his bikes. He has continued to mention them on tracks like Frank Ocean’s April 2017 loosie “Biking,” his own August 2017 loosie “ZIPLOC,” and May 2019’s “PUPPET.”Tyler Baudelaire is the new pseudonym adopted by Tyler, The Creator for CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. The name itself references the famous French poet Charles Baudelaire, who is highly regarded as one of the most important and influential poets of all time. Baudelaire, like Tyler, has often referenced traveling in his poems, showing a clear connection between the two authors.Perhaps known best for his collection of poems known as Les Fleurs du mal (translated as: The Flowers of Evil), Baudelaire wrote poems about explicit material, such as death, and sexual imagery—the latter of which being similar to what Tyler raps about in the opening verse of “LEMONHEAD,” which appears later in the album.

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