News! THE OTHERNESS ready debut album of classic beat guitars with added spine of punk rock
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News! THE OTHERNESS ready debut album of classic beat guitars with added spine of punk rockThe Otherness facebook

Argentina is in love with rock n roll.

The nation’s passion for ribald swagger seems to be shared with its football heroes and the Rolling Stones and also to the Ramones who played to their largest every crowd of 65 000 people there. They also love British music with several magazines dedicated purely to the stuff – they have great taste!

This wild high decibel DNA is everywhere in the nation and THE OTHERNESS are a perfect offspring of this deep love of guitars, swagger and rock n roll.

The band who have budget toured the world several times before the lockdown are back with a new album and have honed down their shimmering beat guitar alchemy to a tougher perfection.

Hailing from Patagonia their thrilling self belief and dedication to their craft is hypnotic and now they have the tunes to back it up. The sheer craziness of what they are trying to do – swimming upstream in the 21st century against the flowing river of the pop zeitgeist means that they are probably right – all great culture is born out of defiance and in the end great melody and energy always wins the debate hands down.

The pandemic gave them the chance to ready their debut album called “LMIRL” (Let’s Meet in Real Life) with tougher sounding takes on their earlier beat guitars. The lyrics touch on subjects like human relationships, gun violence, corruption, climate change, pop culture, sexism-feminism, the consumer society shaped by the influence of new tech and social media, addictions, mental health and freedom of expression.

This might sound too serious, but it’s not… It’s just a rock album, meant to explode in the speakers and get people ready to celebrate the beautiful and conflicted fact of being alive right now.

The band tour Europe when international travel is open again.

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