New Video for ClowWns single ‘Love Vigilante’ and news of Unorthodox Paradox 2016 festival
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Watch this – New Video for ClowWns single ‘Love Vigilante’   (and scroll down for news of Unorthodox Paradox 2016 festival )


ClowWns ‘Love Vigilante’ was released on  Bleeding Heart Recordings (BHRC021) recently…

Filmed by Jolyon Holroyd. Edited by Miles Heathfield and a remixed edit of the track from the album The Artful Execution of Macho Bimbo (BHRC014) on Bleeding Heart Recordings which I reviewed here.

Yet again its that bizarre be-suited woolly-masked man of mystery artfully arsing about. What does it all mean?  I don’t know but it’s one of the most popular songs on the album and has a Bowie-ish groove to it.  Enjoy.

And here is Miles Heathfields explanation of what the song is about.

Love Vigilante – ‘Popularity of superheroes, from children’s comic books in the mid twentieth century, through to graphic novels now (giving legitimacy to adult need for fantasy hero figures with may be more complex narratives i.e. ‘V for Vendetta’ by Alan Moore). It is now common for adult, mostly male, consumption of such story books. In this country, comic book artist Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl), and Damon Albarn from the pop group Blur teamed up to create Gorilaz, a band of graphically created delinquents. Jonathan Ross was a strong advocate of the art form, popularising its acceptance. There are female super heroines, with strong associations to traditional male attributes, as well being overtly sexualised, and ‘bimbo-esque’ in appearance, like Lara Croft and even Tank Girl, who although heavily punkulated, is still graphically adorned to thrill and titilate a predominately male audience.

It could be that these narratives feed our own fantasies of a Utopian vision, and turn them into an almost megalomaniacal desire for black/white- problem/solutions (“There will be no criminality/There is only humanity/And revenge in the city”). Who are the villains? The corporate and faceless (“You can’t hide/I know who you are”), or ordinary people content to live in comfort and indifference (“The streets are dead/And all is lost”). Is the answer found in the soft, non-violent protest of western democracy, or in the hardfaced direct action and uprising, as seen recently in the Middle East? Take up arms? hold up traffic? Or put your faith in a secular fantasy that will never ask you to have ‘faith’ (?). In this Godless new Spring, we’re just trying to fill the hole. The new messiah is here. He’s gonna save you (“You’re born again”).’



ClowWns next gig is a festival appearance at …

Unorthodox Paradox 2016

26th – 28th August @ Hollybush nr. Hay-on-Wye,

Unorthodox Paradox returns for its 6th year of musical mayhem and wayward woodland antics. bands include…
MODIFIED TOY ORCHESTRA * WORLDSERVICE PROJECT * THE SCARAMANGA SIX * COLOSSLOTH * CLOWWNS * CRAYOLA LECTERN * ICHI * SPROATLY SMITH * ZOFFF * JOEL HARRIES * NIGHT TRIPS * MUMMY * ARCH GARRISON Plus amazing DJs, family entertainment, comedy, spoken word, sound and art installations, woodland pyromancy, proper campfires, great food, wild swimming and SO much more!

Tickets on sale now, just £35 for the whole weekend

Loads more information on the website   and on the festival Facebook page

(This sounds like a really fabulous, fun, mad, wild-eyed hippy festival with ‘hand-picked’ bands and frolics -even I, (the man who doesn’t do Festivals) am tempted to go… (Ged)


ClowWns  website.  Facebook.  Twitter 

All words Ged Babey except where specified. 

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