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[Verse 1]
Mum, I’m sorry I stopped calling
Don’t know what the hell I was caught in
Can’t stop dreaming of chandeliers
And your voice is all I hear

I’m so heavy
Jump into my ocean
Can’t you see me sinking?
Love the fear of falling
Don’t you know I’m too young?
Can’t you hear me calling you?
Nothing hurts me now

[Verse 2]
Mum, I’m sorry, I’m still falling
I’ll be home December morning
I keep those dreams like souvenirs
Always ringing in my ear

Yeah, it’s in my head
And I’m shutting it out
Can you hear?
Can you hear me?
All the things I did
Just drown it out
Just drown it out
This song is essentially a letter to my mum. I think as you get older, you tend to appreciate family more and more. I’ve grown up a lot and have never appreciated my family more than in these two years that I haven’t gotten to see them. One of my favourite musical moments on the whole album is at the end of this song—I love how it makes me feel. The wall of guitars and synths and the soft outro vocal balance each other really beautifully to me—via Apple Musicthis is literally… i cant find the word.. it just fits my heart so much“Mum” is the seventh track on Luke Hemmings’ debut solo album When Facing the Things We Turn Away From. Luke apologizes to his mom for not staying in touch and his past mistakes.

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