Louder Than War Top 250 Albums Radio Show – Wednesday 9th December
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Louder Than War’s Top 250 Albums of 2020 Radio Show

Louder Than War Top 250 Albums of 2020 on Radio Alty was on last night at 9 pm. You can listen to a playback on Mixcloud below:

The show was hosted by Nigel Carr with special guest, New Releases Editor Wayne Carey and ran down from the outer reaches of the top 250 right down to number one.

With interviews from Holly from The Lovely Eggs and Dead Sheeran – classic quote of the year “Do you want me to call you Dead or Paul?”, the show counted down the top 10 albums of 2020 as voted by the Louder Than War contributors.

The poll which takes place every year was one of the most read articles on the Louder Than War website and was compiled by Ged Babey. For a full list of all of the albums voted for please visit:

Positions 50-1 – https://louderthanwar.com/louder-than-war-albums-of-the-year-2020-top-50/

Positions 251-51: https://louderthanwar.com/ltw-albums-of-the-year-2020-numbers-51-250/

The shattering conjecture of the year was ‘Are there 250 or 251?’ so perhaps Wayne Carey can answer than question, but only if scrawled on a Christmas Card!

Radio Alty features a full schedule of shows including Peter & Tom Scotson’s Pastries in the Morning, Rod Maxwell’s late lunch, Brain McCabe’s My Town, all featuring guests and interviews, Megan Carson & April Kennedy’s Groove & Goss, Leah Megson Gray’s House Party, Ross Heaviside’s Groove is in the Heart, Annie’s Hot Buttered Soul, Sam Hodkin’s The Other Side Of The tracks, Soarsie Marie’s Brand New Beats, Ian Finch’s Ultimate Chart Show, Modelcitizen’s Underground Sound Show and Barry Purves’s Bedtime with Barry. You can view the full schedule here: https://www.radioalty.co.uk


The Louder Than War Top 250 was Compiled by Ged Babey from nominations by John Robb, Nigel Carr, Wayne Carey, Phil Newall, Naomi Dryden-Smith, Melanie Smith, Nathan Whittle, Ged Babey, Ian Canty, Nathan Brown, Cassie Fox, Neil Hodge, Paul Clarke, Simon Tucker, Iain Key, Paul Grace, Tim Cooper, Banjo, Susan Sloan, Amy Jay Britton,  Audrey Goulden  Paul Scott Bates, Ian Corbridge, Keith Goldhanger, Gus Ironside,  Joe Whyte, Dan Volohov,  Mark Ray, Christopher Lloyd, Andy Brown, Elliot Simpson, Gordon Rutherford.   

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