L.A.’s Most Notorious Indie Electro Duo L.A. DRONES! Release their long-awaited new album
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Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 12.34.11L.A.’s Most Notorious Indie Electro Duo L.A. DRONES! Release Their 

Long-Awaited New Album with Cleopatra Records LA


Los Angeles, CA – One of the most buzzed about L.A. indietronic bands of the last several years, the extraordinary L.A. Drones, has just released their new full-length album I Can’t Stop To Dance This Shit!  (Cleopatra Records)

For the uninitiated, L.A. Drones! (Spanish for “thieves”) are a mysterious duo from parts unknown, Mr. Pablo & Darlingtonia, and create some of the punkiest, catchiest and most psychedelic dance music this side of the 405. The band is a fixture on L.A.’s live circuit especially in the tight-knit, almost cult-like devoted scenes surrounding ECHOPARK-Part Time Punks, where the band became notorious for their raunchy, risqué and raucous performances. After an awesome first LP ¨ The Name Of This Band Is L.A.Drones! ¨ (This Starcraft 2017) and a superb remix of the Magic Wands song “Lazer Bitch” in 2017, the band readied a new full-length filled to the brim with sex, drugs, beats and more sex! The album is highlighted by a phenomenal Spanish language cover of Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire” that will not soon be forgotten by those lucky enough to hear it.  Shared stage w fave artist as Psychic TV, Jah Wobble (PIL) at PART TIME PUNKS Juan Atkins (Cybotron), OS MUTANTES, Lydia Lunch, Nervous Gender, Seth Bogart, JD SAMSON (LE TIGRE), My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, NORTEC COLLECTIVE, among many others


TO BUY DIGITAL COPY  https://orcd.co/ladrones




“Once upon a time, two eternal L.A.Drones! (“thieves” in Spanish) named Mr. Pablo and Darlingtonia Brackets pierced the line delimiting the real and the unreal and crash landed in Los Angeles. Harnessing the magic hidden in the prime numbers and the energy in the sound frequencies produced in the universe, these two could observe and assimilate the most interesting music in decades. They met near the minimalism of Terry Riley, the proto electronic of Silver Apples, the dronic rock of the Velvets, the Kraut of Cluster, Neu, Can and Kraftwerk, and adore Brian Eno as a living demigod. L.A.Drones! will not be put in a box and be held captive by a genre. They feel close to the rebirth of the Synth, under the tutelage of punk with Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, and Crash Course in Science, through the Industrial apocalypse of Throbbing Gristle… See the birth of the synthesized pop of the Neue Deutsche Welle and DAF, and jumping to the new world to learn about new influxes of acid house, techno and the most primitive electro of the dark Detroit… Never stop breathing the most intoxicated fumes of the Jamaican dub, with people like The Scientist, or King Tubby. No one knows who they are because they are hiding behind thieves masks and the paths they walk are concealed by the akelarre sounds. They say that Chris & Cosey might be hiding their true identity?

1st LP ” The Name of This Band Is L.A.Drones!” (This Starcraft – 2017 OAKLAND)


2nd LP ” I Can’t Stop To Dance This S-hit” (Cleopatra Records – 2019)

FOLLOW L.A. DRONES!  ON INSTAGRAM. https://www.instagram.com/l.a.drones


BANDCAMP. https://ladrones2.bandcamp.com/

THIS STARCRAFT. https://www.thisstarcraft.com/LADRONES.html

FACEBOOK. https://www.facebook.com/L.A.DronesXX/

SOUNDCLOUD. https://soundcloud.com/l-a-drones

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