Interview: Tad Doyle (Brothers of the Sonic Cloth)

brothers of the sonic clothBrothers of the Sonic Cloth have just embarked on their first European tour. Sophie Sparham caught up with Tad Doyle to find out how the band are doing, their plans for 2016 and what people can expect from the live shows.

How’s your 2016 been? How are you feel about the tour?

It’s been great, it’s been a good year in the studio and we’ve got lots of songs that we’ll be unveiling on the tour so I’m pretty excited about the whole affair.

What are your new songs about?

There’s a couple that will be on the next record that we’ll be road testing for this tour.  The material is a little bit different I’m not even sure what it’s about.

It’s always good to road test songs live, it allows you to experiment with the songs and get them right.

That’s how I like to operate. You play the shows with it and it will help you to determine what the best course of action is with the songs

Are you very much a live show person?

Yeah for some extent, it’s a very useful tool for writing. We record a lot of our shows just to see how it sounds and what we can do better and it’s kind of our way of demoing the music really.

You’ve got loads of European gig dates – excited?

Yeah it’s gonna be really fun for us, Peggy is my wife and she’s going to be there for the first time as strictly as a musician. She’s been there many times before, but this time it will be different. I think the whole band is just really excited.

We did wanna do more dates but it’s all we can really do at this point with all of us having careers and stuff.  But we did wanna touch the European shores, obviously we did want to spend more time in England, Scotland, Ireland etc. but two weeks were just packing as much as we can into that.

What can people expect? What are you gonna bring?

We’re bringing out an additional guitar player out with us to support the monsters that we created on the first record and I guess I just wrote too many darn guitar parts! But I’m really lucky to be playing with these people and really looking forward to playing some of the places.

Let’s talk about Witch Ape studios – who have you been recording? Is there anyone we should watch out for and go away and listen to?

I finished mixing and mastering a band called Verdun from Montpellier in France, they’re a post hardcore band, they kind of do sludger stuff now. Their new record is called The Eternal Drift’s Canticles and I’m really proud of that record. Of course last year the record came out for Heiress and it was called ‘Of Great Sorrow’ and there’s been a lot of other band here, Rat King, god there’s so many I can’t even think at this point!

You’ve got a reputation for heavy music. Is making that type of music a conscious decision or would you ever make something lighter?

I’m glad you asked that because currently I’m in the midst of tracking a band called Guest Directors and it features the old Tad guitar player Gary Thorstensen and it’s really cool stuff, it’s not heavy in its way but it’s really lush and beautiful, almost like the cure or Chameleons UK in the feel. They definitely have their own sound.

Is it nice to step away from the heavy sound?

It is nice to step away from it and I do love to do any kind of recording. I’ve done symphonic acoustic cello stuff, I’ve done acoustic guitars, I’ve done all sorts of deserve stuff. I’m open to it all and I love doing it so that’s where my passion lies. What makes me an asset to recording is that I love doing it and I’m able to immerse myself in the moment of it all and understand and help the artist to achieve what they want to get out of it.

If you could do any project with no limits what would you do and why?

You’ve stumped the panel I think! I would love to record a Yob record and just have some time to do it and do it at a larger studio room to get the drum sounds and do the rest of it here and there at Witch Ape or whatever. That would be an ultimate fun thing for me to do, that and recording ACDC on Mars. The old school ACDC I should say, when Bon Scott was in the band, but I would take their current line up as well!

Could you share a space ship with them? It’s a long way.

I’m sure I could be the question is could they share a space ship with me/!

Is there plans for another Brother of the Sonic Cloth album?

We’re gonna take the rest of the year to lay low after this tour and then hopefully write some more songs. Our drummer Dave is constantly busy on the road so practicing can be hard but we always find a way and the plan is to have the new record before the end of the year and track will Billy Anderson in 2017 some time or even 2018.

It’s a good thing, you don’t wanna rush it, you can take your time with this record so it becomes fun

Yeah that’s totally the right way to look at it for me. You got to love what you’re doing otherwise its work. If you love what you’re doing you’ll never work another day in your life. That’s the way I look at it, there are some days that are challenging and difficult but it beats the heck out of doing something that I don’t wanna do.


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