Hooligan ‘Dublin City Rockers’ – EP Review
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Hooligan ‘Dublin City Rockers’ – EP Review

Hooligan ‘Dublin City Rockers’ (Advance Records)
7″ Vinyl | DL

Four tracks of authentic Irish punk from Dublin based Hooligan delivered on no messing around 7″ black vinyl.

What you get here is a collection of heart on your sleeve punk rock, each track from opener ‘Punk Rock n’ Roll’ to ‘Saturday’s Heroes’ positively bristle with scuzzy energy, rallying cry vocals and some neat guitar work that I always associate with bands from either side of the border; there was always something unique about punk rock emanating from Ireland, I guess the sound developed isolated from the earliest exposure to the likes of the Pistols etc

Hooligan have been around for a good many years, over that time they have learnt their craft – their songs are short, to the point, they will ignite a mosh-pit but are also entirely reliant upon a decent tune, ‘A Gang Like Us’ is the perfect example, rollicking pace driven by crashing drums, with great low end rhythm, and rabble rousing fists in the air sing-a-long vocals.

The cover of Skid Row’ ‘Dublin City Girls’ is a nice touch that shows Hooligans understanding of the city’s musical heritage, and how they themselves are influenced by a rockier sound; none of that 1976 Tear Zero re-writing of history here.

With ‘Dublin City Rockers’ Hooligan have once again demonstrated their ability to channel their energy; its genuine, honest punk rock – what’s not to like?

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