Hamer: A New State Of Imaginary Hell – EP Review
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Hamer: A New State of imaginary hell cover

Hamer: A New State Of Imaginary Hell (Link2Wales Records)
CD | Lathe Cut 7″ | Cassette | DL
Available now

Four tracks of utterly deranged skronk post everything from this Leeds based outfit who somehow manage to uncomfortably combine elements of punk, trippy psych, garage vibes and then hit full throttle.

A New State Of Imaginary Hell sounds like a collision between The Cravats, Powersolo, and this week’s branch of Thee Oh Sees, before the entire lot implodes spewing molten guitar and crooked vocal shrapnel out into the ether.

Opener ‘All The Big Time’ thunders along like some sort of psychobilly rabble rouser complete with guttural yelps, yet with generous doses of Mescaline that had me thinking of the likes of The Walking Seeds – but with the metronome nailed well into the red zone, the vocals gurgle and squeal beneath shards of screeching guitar… you think you hit the breakdown.

Nope that’s the transition jolt into the spluttering ‘Exit Bag’; this is like been hit with a claw hammer, then politely asking your attacker for more, luckily Hamer seem to have sampled a vital signs monitor before violently bundling you into ‘The Deal’ which continues in the much the same vein though definitely straying more into Oh Sees territory as a motorik beat provides the platform for all sorts of frazzled guitar torture as this 6 minute extended workout wrenches you back and forth at off kilter tangents, your punched from front and back, dropped to the floor but still you get up, hoping you are not ‘On Your Way To Your Grave’ a seething pit of barbed riffs and punishing drum strikes.


Hamer have crafted a genuinely peculiar, and chaotic soundscape, a glimpse into some twisted sonic maelstrom that is perfect for the strange times we find ourselves in; they are exciting, this EP is thrilling – crank it up loud, it’s a life affirming noise capable of drowning out all the chaos of these times.

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