Goths involved in crack down in Uzbekistan
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  • Post published:12/05/2021
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Goths involved in crack down in Uzbekistan
Goths in Uzbekistan feel the forces of oppression

There was an interesting article on the BBC website about so called Goths in Uzbekistan getting pressure from authoritiesand been driven underground.

Apparently graves got smashed in the local graveyard and the Goths got the blame and the authorities are hounding them out of existence.

It’s interesting in a number of ways. Firstly as an example of the huge reach of the subculture which is now worldwide and spread a long way from it’s British roots and an example of a UK counterculture ignored by the media at home but massively influential worldwide.

It’s also an example of the continuing drift towards a conservative 21st century and another example of the baton coming down on those that will not conform.

Being an internationally read website we had already heard about this situation and were working on a story on it and along with punks getting arrested in Indonesia and other stories we keep getting sent to us it’s another example of the lack of space in the modern world…we will get more on this story soon…

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