Girls In Synthesis: Pre/Post: A Collection 2016-2018 – album review
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Pre Post GirlsAlbum Review

Girls In Synthesis: Pre/Post: A Collection 2016-2018  (Louder Than War Records)

LP/CD/DL Bundle only
Out today 5 April 2919

Compilation of the first 3 highly collectable, long since sold out vinyl EP’s ‘Suburban Hell’, ‘We Might Not Make Tomorrow’,’Fan The Flames’ and also includes their debut release ‘The Mound’ which was only ever available as a download – a total collection of 14 stunning tracks from one of the most visceral and intense bands in the UK.

This isn’t rock’n’roll, it’s a matter of life and death.

This isn’t music, it’s a constructive alternative to suicide.

This isn’t entertainment it’s exorcism.

Of course it’s fucking political.

“That isn’t music it’s just noise.”

This is pain + art + reality,  masquerading as rock music.

If anger is an energy, GiS are a power station.

This isn’t punk / hardcore / art-rock / hipster noise / krautrock … it’s (un) categorically pre/post everything.

This is what every smart 13-19 year old in the UK should be listening to… but they have to discover it for themselves ( Yeah granddad, I’ll give it a listen…)

This is the stuff of nightmares.

Tense, nervous headache?

This music makes me feel angry, ill and ugly as sin.

I was diagnosed with panic disorder over twenty years ago. Panic attack after panic attack and you feel like you are gonna die. You cannot escape… yourself.  Girls In Synthesis ‘Howling’ actually captures that feeling of disorientation and nausea completely and terrifyingly.

My reviews always tend to quote from the lyrics of the songs I like a lot. But in this case, every word counts. There’s no (so-called) poetry. Just words that say it all using the bare minimum of verbiage and, of course, repetition,  repetition, repetition.

Suburban Hell is Upside Down re-written by Discharge.

Track 5 is called  Fucked.

I reviewed the Fan The Flames EP and 79 people shared it.  (I’m gonna re-use some of it because that is simply not enough…)

As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart’

Borgia Ginz in Jubilee (Derek Jarman 1978)

Sometimes you have to overstate the case or no-one listens.

Girls In Synthesis are frighteningly intense. They look more like a terror cell than a rock group.

If I was in the band I would’ve insisted on the name being The Douglas Baader Meinhof Experience… before they kicked me out.

GiS are too art for ‘punx’ and too punk for art-school-kids.

GiS should scare the shit out of you.

GiS are Metal Machine Music played by the Varukers.

GiS care about the aesthetics of vital rock music and politics of dread.

GiS have a past. (Which I won’t Linger on…)

GiS are Crass and Childish.

GiS sound like Alternative TV and Wire at some points on this LP – but only if their records were being played on a meat-grinder at an abattoir instead of a stereo. (Gibberish)

GiS think the crew cut and thin moustache is a good-look (Not for the drummer obviously).

If a band doesn’t include at least one woman then it is not a true 21st Century band, just a boys club. (Discuss)

GiS are just brilliant. Intensity, Class Warfare and Existentialism in complex/basic songs.

GiS are fighting a loosing battle, but winning on their own terms. They are the very best band they can be, And that is all that matters.

GiS make me feel dizzy, euphoric and like I am 16 again for the length of that particular song. Then I am deposited back in 2019  which GiS are the perfect soundtrack to… fear and loathing in the UK.

Three years-worth of work, passion, art, politics and dedication are brought together on this album -and it forms a perfect, cathartic whole.  GiS are genuinely independent -D-I-Y -completely in control.

Louder Than War Records deal was probably a handshake and an offer to package and distribute a readymade work of brutal, uncompromising art to the dedicated followers of John Robbs lust-for-caustic-cerebral difficult-outsider-music.   It’s a Win/Win.

Pre/Post is a fucking great album.  Whether you like it or not.

Pre/Post is the beginning of the end. And the end of the beginning.


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Tour Dates

06/04/19- Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham
09/04/19- The Polar Bear, Hull
10/04/19- Chunk, Leeds
11/04/19- The Castle Hotel, Manchester
12/04/19- The Lab, Northampton
13/04/19- Waiting Room, London
20/04/19- East Street Tap, Brighton

Previous coverage on LTW

Amy Britton first wrote about GiS when they released the Suburban Hell EP.  She interviewed the band when they released We Might Not Make Tomorrow . I covered Fan the Flames And Phil Newall covered them live in Preston.


All words by Ged Babey  (based on an idea by Paul Morley)


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