Fallen Fruit
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[Verse 1]
To the ones who came before us
All the golden ones who were lifted on a wing
We had no idea the dreams we had were far too big
Far too big

[Verse 2]
And we will walk together (We will walk)
Psychedelic garlands in our hair
Through the halls of splendor where the apple trees all grew
You’ll leave us dancing on the fallen fruit

The fallen fruit
The fallen fruit (Ooh)
The fallen fruit

From the Nissan to the Phantom to the plane
We’ll disappear in the cover of the rain
Took the great minds and the vapers
And a pocketful of seed
It’s time for us to leave

[Verse 3]
And we will walk together (We will walk)
Psychedelic garlands in our hair
But how can I love what I know I am gonna lose?
Don’t make me choose

The fallen fruit
The fallen fruit
The fallen fruit“Fallen Fruit” is the fifth track on Lorde’s third album Solar Power. This song is about the poor state of our environment and how past generations left us with a dying planet.I was going to LA to write with Jack and I started this on the plane. There’s always a slightly kind of unhinged or unfiltered quality to songs I write on planes, because I’m at altitude or something. I had been very careful before that point about not being preachy or like, “Hi, I’m a pop star and this is my climate change album!” But I just had this moment where I was like, “This is the great loss of our lives and this will be what comes to define all of our lives and our world will be unrecognisable for my children.” I loved trying to make it sound like this flower child’s lament and making it sound very Laurel Canyon, essentially. At the same time, there’s only one 808 on this record—and it’s in the breakdown of this song. It’s me describing an escape to somewhere safe that takes place in the future when our world has become uninhabitable. I liked snapping into a kind of modern thing for that.In making an album about the environment something that was weighing on my mind was the fact that we are in the midst of a very serious climate crisis. It’s the fight that will define our lifetime, I think. It’s tricky to know how much to go there as a songwriter, you know? This is me sort of talking to my parent’s generation, being like “Do you know what you’ve done? How could you have left us with this?”–Lorde via SpotifyIn the album booklet, Lorde wrote:I first heard layered acoustics like this in “Never Learn” by Lykke Li… And later “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison. Always knew I wanted to try it someday.

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