Decalcomania (Demo)
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  • Post published:26/06/2021
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When I see you smile in the screen
You’re good at everything
You’re just perfect
Feels like I’ve never been you

Do you even see me?
Do you know who I am?
Or how do I look now?
You don’t like me like that~

Come and tell me so much, beautiful heart
Oh I’m gonna listen to you~

All the numbers too big
Can’t get out of your game
Oh I want to paint it like you~

I want to be your decalcomania
I want you~
I want to be your decalcomania
I want…
I want you~Written as a gift for his birthday, Jungkook told fans that he was unable to put up a cover for his birthday as usual but instead said that he was going to give fans something else. The product being an original song that Jungkook wrote.

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