Darling Buds – reformed indie band interview

Darling Buds – reformed indie band interviewThe Darling Buds were early nineties indie faves.

Formed in 1986 they sang delicious songs that crossed a buzzsaw punk rock guitar with classic girl pop melodies and were fronted by the charismatic Andrea Lewis.


They have reformed for a one off gig in London on April 19th at the Borderline tickets are available from here.


We saw them play a few years when they did a one off gig for the commemoration gig of the legendary TJs venue in Newport which had shut down after the death of owner John Siccolo. It was a sad day but also a celebration of the life of the affable tour de force venue owner who had created one of the key rock n roll venues not only in the town but on the whole circuit with own hands. It was a venue where we had played for 20 mental christmas gigs in a row with my band the Membranes and one that Darling Buds also had warm memories of.

That day the Darling Buds had lost none of their spizz and their songs stood the test of time and it”s hoped that this reformation can be more than a one off…


We spoke to Andrea about the gig, the band and their plans and life in Newport Wales where she still lives…



It’s great that you have returned- is it a one off gig or are there more plans

A few years back we did ‘TJ’s in the Square’ gig which was great fun and since then I really missed singing in the band, so when we were offered the chance of a one-off we were all up for it- even Chris Macdonagh is now on board. I do see it as a one-off though, it’s great revisiting it and being in touch with all our mates from that era but I’m not sure whether the audience is out there for it now to be anything more….who knows.

What the devil have you been up to!

Well after the band broke up I kind of fell into working with a theatre company called ‘Elan’ working with the brilliant director Firenza Guidi. We did avantgarde/kooky performances touring in Europe and the States and then I did some TV and radio for BBC Wales. This reignited a childhood passion of acting and I decided to go back to college and did a degree at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, it was here I met my husband Actor Jamie Jarvis and had 3 children now aged 14, 9 and 5. Over the past decade as well as being a mum I’ve been running a theatre school…So here we are….still performing, still creating and still yelling at kids!

Will there be any new songs?

Bloody hell I haven’t even started rehearsing the old ones yet! We’ll have to see, you never know we may still might have it in us to come up with a tune or two!

How different is the music world than when you left it?

It’s massively different now to when we were going. Technology has enabled recording to be far easier and cheaper to do. The internet means you get the material out to the wider audience. Therefore you don’t necessarily have to rely on a record deal to distribute or finance your work….which must be quite liberating for a bands these days. Although, I also think there is a lot of rubbish too easily put out there on the internet without even having to get in a van and do any real gigs like in the past.

How is Newport?

Bit on the chilly side at the moment… poor old Newport, it does get a slagging off, doesn’t it – but I have to say I’m a fan of the place. Along with most, I was totally appalled by the demolition of the Chartist Mural in John Frost Square and some of the decisions that the local council make about the town leave me completely gobsmacked. But I was in the town centre the other day and it was lovely – I mean it, the architecture is great, it has so much potential to be brilliant, I wish it wouldn’t have such an identity crisis, and at least it’s real – not a huge superficial shopping mall…..well not yet anyway!


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