Clarification: The 100 Club responds to our ‘Punk London and Boris’ piece. Resolution 2016 is not funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund or Mayor
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RESO16_FULL_WEBFollowing our piece here about the Punk.London 40 years celebrations including the Resolution 2016 gigs at the 100 Club … and the support of the Mayor and Lottery funding.

The 100 Club have contacted Louder Than War to  clarify the situation .

They stated firmly that it had always been their intention to put on a Punk Festival to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of  UK punks birth in 1976 and the weeks gigs were planned and booked well before the involvement of Punk dot London with its association and support from the Mayors Office.  

They say, and I quote “Your article implies that Resolution is funded by Boris and the GLA which it absolutely is not. This is all on the 100 Club , it’s our festival and Crucial Talent books the bands. We are happy to support the Punk London programme but this festival is not for or funded by them.

This explains why the artists playing knew nothing about Boris or the Lotterys alleged involvement..

Hopefully that clarifies things.  It was not my or Louder Than Wars intention to mislead.

Enjoy the gigs everyone who is going and as for Punk.London and its future Lottery-funded events, hopefully they will let us know more about them so we can keep you informed.


Punk Rock eh?  Still causing trouble after all these years.


The 100 club Resolution Festival has a great line up of bands to celebrate punk.

MON 4th JAN : THE RAMONAS + The Duel + Mystified
TUES 5th JAN: THE MEMBERS + TV Smith + Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds
WEDS 6th JAN: ANWL + Guitar Gangsters + Slagerij
THURS 7th JAN: GBH + Louise Distras + Borrowed Time
FRI 8th JAN: CHELSEA + 999 (Nick Cash special solo set) + Knock Off
SAT 9th JAN: UK SUBS + Menace + Criminal Mind
MON 11th JAN: Fashion Show by Sir Tom Baker (no tickets for this event)
TUES 12th Jan: DISCHARGE + Anti Pasti + Mick O Toole
WEDS 13th JAN: ENGLISH DOGS + Sick Pigs + Not For You
THURS 14th JAN: The Outcasts + Bird Song + Kamikaze Girls


Tickets available from here


Ged Babey for Louder Than War



100 CLUB Resolution 2016 webpage and tickets







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