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[Verse 1]
Once upon a time in Hollywood
When Carole called my name
I stood up, the room exploded, and I
Knew that’s it, I’ll never be the same
That’s when the doors swung open
And the voice said, “We’re glad you came”
Now I’ve spent thousands on you, darling
Oh, the hotels and the jets and I’d pay it all again
To have your golden body back in my bed
But I don’t miss the poison arrows aimed directly at my head

Goodbye to all the bottles, all the models
Back to the clouds in thе skies in a whole new way

Don’t want that California lovе
Don’t want that California love
Don’t want that California love

[Verse 2]
Oh, once upon a time the Canyon store
Was where my world began
All that mystery and beauty gleaned from desert flowers and gifted children
But it got hard to grow up with your cool hand around my neck
Now in my hometown, sunbathing
My girlfriends and my baby
But every time I smell tequila
The garden grows up in my mind again
California and LA are places I have a huge amount of affection for. I find it really alluring and mystical and kind of dreamy, but it also totally freaks me out. It isn’t where I am supposed to be right now, so I’ve tapped out. I’ve been listening to a lot of The Mamas & The Papas, so that was a melodic reference. There’s kind of an eeriness to this song, and a lot of people have tried to get at that when capturing LA in movies and in music. I love the line about the kids in the line for “the new Supreme.” It’s a classic me thing to say something that is modern, but could sound classic.California had a couple of different lives. I remember bringing it to Jack in the studio, and we recorded it on the piano, but it didn’t quite sit right. At Electric Lady in Summer 2020, we used a guitar which we’ve used on the whole album. A Fender Jaguar. I started to write all the parts that were missing. It just became a vibe.–Lorde via SpotifyGUYS THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL WTFFFFFLorde’s team messed up the release again, that’s basically it. Time to fire all of them.“California” is Lorde’s ambivalent ode to the place that has given her powerful, life-changing memories alongside an unsettling peek into celebrity scrutiny. She opens the song recalling the exact moment she felt herself ascend into the upper echelon of celebrity; then she resolutely expresses the decision to forsake the Golden State and all its glitz in exchange for a more peaceful, profound, and authentic life spent poolside (and beachside) in New Zealand.

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