Billie Bossa Nova
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Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm

[Verse 1]
Love when it comes without a warning
‘Cause waiting for it gets so boring
A lot can change in twenty seconds
A lot can happen in the dark
Love when it makes you lose your bearings
Some information’s not for sharing
Use different names at hotel check-ins
It’s hard to stop it once it starts (It starts)

I’m not sentimental
But there’s somethin’ ’bout the way you look tonight, mm
Makes me wanna take a picture
Make a movie with you that we’d have to hide

You better lock your phone (Oh)
And look at me whеn you’re alone
Won’t take a lot to gеt you goin’ (Oh)
I’m sorry if it’s torture though
I know, I know

[Verse 2]
It might be more of an obsession
You really make a strong impression (You sure do)
Nobody saw me in the lobby (Saw me in the lobby)
Nobody saw me in your arms, mm

I’m not sentimental
But there’s somethin’ ’bout the way you look tonight, mm (‘Bout the way you look tonight)
Makes me wanna make ’em jealous
I’m the only one who does it how you like (Only one who does it how you—)

You better lock your phone (Oh)
And look at me when you’re alone (You’re alone, you’re alone)
Won’t take a lot to get you goin’ (Get me goin’, get me goin’)
I’m sorry if it’s torture though (Torture though)
I know, I know
You better lock your door (Oh)
And look at me a little more
We both know I’m worth waitin’ for (Waitin’ for)
That heavy breathin’ on the floor (On the floor)
I’m yours, I’m yours (I’m yours)

I’m not sentimental
I’m not sentimental
I’m not sentimental“Billie Bossa Nova” is a song by Billie Eilish, included as the third track on her sophomore studio album Happier Than Ever.
Song is about her private life, privacy, and her relationship. She’s talking about how she gotta hide things and herself from people sometimesA “Bossa Nova” is a 1950s samba derived music genre that originated in Brazil. Featuring characteristics of American jazz, chords and harmonies, the genre distinguished itself as relaxing “Jazz Samba” and was embraced through the 1960s American bossa nova craze.
In “Billie Bossa Nova” a two-bar pattern acquired from samba music bounces along a languid tempo, providing a calm rhythm.“Billie Bossa Nova” is a little bit of a fancy, I don’t know what. We actually called this song “Billie Bossa Nova” because in, I want to say, spring of 2019, my brother sent me a beat he had made. He called it “Billie Bossa Nova” ‘cause it was just a bossa nova-type beat and I was like “that’s amazing” and then nothing happened for a year and a half. Then we listened to it again and kinda wrote this fantasy, romanticized, glorified, dream.We have to do a lot of goofy bullshit when we go on tour, where we enter through freight elevators in hotels and stuff, so that paparazzi doesn’t follow us to our room. And so we acted as if there was also a secret love affair going on in there of Billie being like, ‘Nobody saw me in the lobby/Nobody saw me in your arms,’ as if there was a mystery person in her life during all of that.Bossa Nova is a traditional Brazilian music genre from the mid-20th Century. It stems from Samba-Jazz and is characterised by a smooth feel and interesting rythmic features. Its origin is quite controversial, since it was made in a way of “whitening” Samba. As of it, Bossa Nova has basically the same structure as Samba, but with slower tempo.In Portuguese, it literally translates as “New Wave” or “New Trend”, but ‘bossa’ was already being colloquially used to mean ‘fashionable’ or ‘trendy’.

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