Betting suspended on Stone Roses headlining Glastonbury – but no news from band
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  • Post published:12/05/2021
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TheStoneRosesSonicMania9Aug2013LTWKatieClare2A flurry of bets has seen the odds tumble on the Stone Roses playing the final unfilled slot at Glastonbury on the Sunday night.

So much flutter has been fluttering that WIlliam Hills has suspended betting increasing the agony for the legions of fans of the band who are craving the comeback from the UK’s most mysterious band.

The Beards as they are currently known have been even more of the horizon than usual with rumour and counter rumour filling in the silence. Te only thing anyone knows is that they have taken to growing beards and hair. Could the follicle explosion be a sign that the band are entering an Abbey Road style one last hairy stand of unity or a mere coincidence?

The Roses headlining Glastonbury would be a perfect move for the band though staving of the mild panic amongst many that they have disappeared for ever. It all fits so perfectly that it could be wishful thinking that is placing the best instead of hard hatted reality.

After all Glastonbury is the worlds best known festivals, theSunday night needs a genuine legend, this is the one gig they didn’t’ play after John broke his bones after a cycling accident, there would be no hassle in playing and you cannot think of many bands more perfect to play this gig.

For some the flurry of best is insiders speaking with cash but other insiders are adamant that this just won’t happen…but remember Warrington…

At least the Roses are never boring…even when they are silent…

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