André Ethier:  Further Up Island – album review
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André EthierAndré Ethier: Further Up Island

(Telephone Explosion Records)

DL | Streaming | LP

Vinyl available here

Released May 28

Canadian artist, André Ethier releases Further Up Island on May 28th, completing a trilogy of releases he began in 2017.

Further Up Island continues the narrative of the previous two. The first album 2017’s Under Grape Leaves about building a home, and the second one, 2019’s Croak in the Weeds, about living in it. With this album, he deals with leaving it.

André may not be a household name to many in the UK. On the other side of the Atlantic however, he’s perhaps best known as frontman and guitarist of Toronto punk band The Deadly Snakes. He was a member from the mid 90’s to the early ‘00’s and one-time label mates of acts such as The White Stripes and Rocket From The Crypt.

Over most recent years Ethier has been quietly putting together a body of solo work as well as developing a career as a painter, his artwork accompanying all his albums. In comparison to his punk days, the music contained on this trilogy is acoustic and rustic, almost pastoral at times. If I close my eyes I can transport myself to a warm summer evening abroad listening to a busker playing through sketches and ideas on the seafront.

This first single taken from the Wild Goldfish released back in March arrived with a video in the style of a retro video game. This set the scene for the album, with Ethier’s avatar in the video and throughout the album plays the role of an unreliable narrator, ambling in quite a comical, innocent manner around a fictional land called Further Up Island. The goldfish which he searches for in the first single are used as a metaphor for the impossible (they don’t exist).

What definitely does exist is this album; which could be a perfect accompaniment to long summer evenings

André Ethier: Further Up Island – album review
Photo Credit : Colin Medley

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